Offshore & Outsourcing Service


Is the process of hiring an external organization in a country other than where your company is based (Offshore) to perform some business functions (Outsourcing) and getting your work done in another country. but you still completely manage the work and the team within your company, so you control the outcomes.

Offshoring now has become an easy and suitable choice for business owners in SME companies, In Rabbittec. We offer professional teams precisely matching your IT and business requirements.

Benefits of hiring an Offshoring team with us

  • Dedicated team works just for you, Chosen based on your requirements and needs.
  • Regular updates and reports.
  • Creative development environment for your team.
  • Detailed Documentation.
  • Security: We start by signing an NDA to secure your ideas.

Hiring process

select client requirements

Hire the team

select client requirements

Interview the applicants

Hire the team

Interview the applicants

To Help you Manage your team We make sure that

  • The Key Project Knowledge clearly considered.
  • Communication types are cleared to all Parties.
  • Working Conditions are already cleared.
  • Tools that will be used for Work are defined.

Technologies we can work on

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