Cella NetWork

 First-women professional network that can help women to grow their network

Jahezzli Mobile


Food ordering application that allows users to browse through a variant of restaurants and products.

Tajik Home Project

Tajik Home

TajikHome is An E-commerce platform that sells TajikHome products

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What We Offer!

Web Development

With over 6 years of experience In web Solutions, We provide innovative, reliable, and scalable Web solutions. That meet various goals including highly performing progressive apps, dynamic single-page apps…etc

Solve your business Problems, By Building your Custom Web App that improves your work efficiency through our team

Our developers will help you build Web solutions that serve your business and your customers. As We have experience in many fields such as E-commerce, Healthcare, Real Estate, HRM, and social networking software development …. Etc.

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Web Development

Mobile Development

We deliver next-generation IOS applications and Android applications to meet the most demanding customer requirements to empower modern businesses with the finest productivity.

Create Your Mobile Apps both IOS & Android Apps. to facilitate and improve your work through our team.

Our developers will help you build your IOS or Android App using the latest technologies, We develop apps on the latest technologies using Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS apps.

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Mobile Development


Create a long-lasting brand identity with our UI/UX Design services, customized as per specific business needs. Our talented designers think out of the box to create more than just basic UI/UX designs to redefine your business.

With attractive, trendy, and modern UI/UX designs you can enhance client-conversion response.

Our Designers will help to create a long-lasting brand identity using the latest technologies, as they think out of the box to figure and customize specific business needs

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UI/UX Design


Hire a dedicated software team for your business to build and develop your projects with the latest technologies.

We offer professional work precisely matching your IT and business requirements.

Offshoring With Rabbittec. helps you to decrease one of the costly parts of your business, the also reduces labor costs. Freeing this up will let you focus on your business and come up with the possibility to enlarge your services.

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We provide cutting-edge web hosting, premium performance features, and a support team Experiences powerful features that make you secure to host your website with us.

Our devops engineer can manage your server on any hosting providers

We can provide a variety of hosting providers like AWS, Digital Ocean, GoDaddy, Hostgator.

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Hosting Services

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